We’ve had a lovely week camping as a family in Wensleydale. It was great to spend some quality time together as a family of three (before the new little one arrives in early January!) and we were incredibly blessed with lovely weather too!
Camping is not particularly my idea of fun (especially being 5 months pregnant) but it was lovely to get a break from our hectic lifestyle and the scenery was gorgeous.
Although we’ve been camping a few times we’ve always had family and friends around to help so it felt a bit strange being by ourselves!
Toby had a great week. He loved the freedom of being able to wander around in front of the tent and the site was fantastic for a two-year old. We developed our own little per-bedtime routine that he loved; after tea we would take some bread and go for a walk to feed the ducks, then we would head down to the stream and throw some stones in before wandering back playing hide and seek through the trees and then back to the tent to get ready for bed. Having this little routine in place really helped Toby to transition between meal time (which he found quite stressful) to bedtime and after a few nights he would lead the way down to the duckpond (and often try to climb in to!) Some thing as simple as feeding ducks was great for Toby as anyone who knows him will know that he’s quite particular about food and won’t share (quite like a lot of two year olds) but Toby enjoyed sharing the bread with the ducks and one evening he even threw half of his chocolate rice cake that he was eating at the time in too! A few times he threw the bread in and then waved bye bye to it which again was great for his social skills! He seemed really at peace around the ducks and loved watching them move around in the water.