Sea Life adventure

Well yesterday we had a great time visiting the Octonauts at the Sea Life Centre in Scarborough.

Toby loves the Octonauts so when we found out that Peso and Captain Barnacles would be there over the Summer we decided that we would defiantly have to visit!
As it was school holidays, it was quite busy and the queue for tickets was massive. We joined the queue in the car park but after a few minutes Toby had a bit of a meltdown – there was lots of people very close to him and lots of noise and it was just too much for him. Joel took off for a walk while I queued for the tickets.
When we eventually got inside Toby chilled out – it was quite dark and there was lots of water and these two things tend to relax Toby. I think often he gets overstimulated but dimmed lightening always seems to help chill him out.

We went and found Peso20130823-194837.jpg and Toby recognised him straight away and wanted to stroke his face. This was amazing as we thought it might all just be too much for him. Seeing his little face light up when he met Peso made the whole trip worthwhile!
We looked round and Toby loved seeing all this fish and other creatures – he didn’t quite understand that he couldn’t get in the water with them! We later met Captain Barnacles too and Toby tried to grab hold of his face and then we later spent some time playing in the sea on the beach (and throwing stones in which is Toby’s favourite game!) What a lovely family day out!



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