So Toby’s tiny little feet have finally grown and so over the weekend our task was to find some new shoes!
In the past shoe shopping for Toby has always been difficult. I remember taking him to the metro centre to get measured and he must have been 8/9months old and he screamed as soon as a strange lady touched his feet.
We decided to visit a very small Clarks located inside a large Mothercare shop and it really helped. There was no queuing (which is amazing since lots of people are getting back to school shoes) and it was much quieter than going to a big shoe shop.
With the help of playing Endless Alphabet on my iPhone, a packet of hula hoops and lots of wiggling about the shop assistant finally managed to measure his little feet.
We then picked out some lovely lace up boots. For nearly £40..why are kids shoes so expensive??!
It’s taken us a few days and a few tears but now Toby quite likes them!