So today was the big day..!
Thankfully Toby was up nice an early so that we could have a ‘normal’ morning routine before having to be at nursery for 8:30am.
We arrived on time but Toby refused to get out of the pushchair. I carried him in and we were greeted by the nursery manager (who is fantastic and experienced with working with children with additional needs) She asked me some questions about Toby – likes, dislikes, questions about food and nappy changing etc.
Toby hung on to my leg for the majority of the time, he would occasionally let go and run around the room in a circle and then come back to me crying – it was all just a bit overwhelming for him. Before I left, he had already thrown all the craft materials (including a full pot of sequins) all over the floor – I tried to explain that he didn’t like objects on top of thing, he doesn’t like cushions on the sofa, objects on tables etc.
It was then time for me to go, the manager suggested that I came back at half 9 so that he could have an hour there. I didn’t make a fuss but Toby picked up on the fact that I was leaving and tried to follow me out of the door and threw himself on the floor and burst in to tears.
I came back for him after an hour (and found him trying to climb over the fence outside) he grabbed hold of me so hard as if to say ‘please don’t leave me!!’ He was very quiet all the way home and when we got inside he sat down on the bottom stair and cuddled in to me and cried his eyes out! After he had calmed down, he tried to go and in to his cot – Toby loves going to bed, his room is blacked out and he feels very safe in his cot.
Later on after he had his nap, we went out again and when we walked past nursery he burst in to tears – I just reassured him that we were going somewhere else and he eventually calmed down.
He’s been very teary and clingy since so we’ll see how we get on the rest of the week!