I often find it hard when other people brag about how clever their child is and how proud they are because their child is so advanced!

I know that parents get proud of their children’s achievements (and that’s completely normal) but I still find it hard sometimes when everyone else’s children are making loads of progress and mine is having a meltdown in the corner and is acting like a child half his age!

I’ve got friends who have children who are a similar age to Toby who are talking in sentences, counting, recognising letters and numbers, toilet trained, very sociable and adaptable and Toby seems a million miles away from that. I have to continually keep reminding myself that God made Toby how he is and has great plans for his life. And one way that helps me to remember that and stay positive is to celebrate the little (and big things!) and to thank God for those things and to tell Toby how proud I am of him!

So this week, I am incredibly proud of Toby for sitting at the snack table with the other children at nursery, eating stir-fry (which he refused to last week), stroking a friend’s dog, managing to open a packet of crisps himself (which he did while I was upstairs!), pressing buttons on his noisy monster story book and just being a delight to be around!

There’s also some ‘bigger’ things that I’m proud of too – settling at nursery and not crying and then this morning walking all the way home from toddler group! The walking thing sounds silly but Toby has been able to walk for a very long time but always cried to be carried or put in the pushchair in public as it felt too overwhelming for him when there was lots of people around. But today he decided that he would start walking home and I just walked alongside him with the pushchair.

Proud of you little dude x