So I’ve decided that I need to start blogging again – mainly for my own benefit to process thoughts so it’s not all flying around my head!

Well I haven’t actually written anything on here for nearly two years…wow! So in some ways a lot has changed…on other ways, things are still the same….So Teddy (Theodore Jasper) was born prem in December 2013 – he’s 18months now and such a character (God promised that he would be really different to Toby…and he is!) Life with Toby and Teddy is a lot of fun…but also very challenging! We’ve got a new house…new car…not really that any of those things particularly matter much..

Well Toby is now 4 and it lots of ways things are still the same as they were two years ago…he’s still our gorgeous little boy…he still loves his iPad…he’s still very autistic (was diagnosed officially nov 13) and he’s still non-verbal. He now attends a Special School (35mins away from our house) full time and he loves the structure and routine of that – holidays are a challenge…but I’ll tell you more about that at some point!

As a family we’ve had a pretty tough year…Toby’s behaviour has become ever more challenging…Joel has been off work sick…we’ve faced lots of challenges with Teddy too but the long and short of it is…God’s been incredibly good to us…we’re extremely blessed and we continue to look to Him and know that he is with us every step along this crazy journey!

Looking forward to sharing more of that with you!

Rach x