So our little cheeky chappy turned four at the weekend…FOUR how did that happen?!

Toby isn’t a fan of birthday…or anything different really!

He doesn’t really do presents (mainly because he doesn’t play with toys) he doesn’t understand what’s going on and doesn’t really like any additional fuss or attention.

We decided a while ago that we wanted to make memories and were happy to do Christmas/Birthdays etc differently to make it work for us all. Christmas last year was awful as Toby just didn’t cope…I sat in tears on Christmas morning and booked Center Parcs for this coming Christmas (which we are really looking forward to!) as we couldn’t face another Christmas like last year…

So for Toby’s birthday we decided on a trip down to Thomas Land (Drayton Manor)

We visited Alton Towers earlier in the year and he didn’t stop smiling and flapping all day so we decided that what ever we did had to involve rides!

We got a family room in a travelodge nearby for only £30 – bargain! And miraculously they were both asleep by 9:30pm! We stopped off at Fountains Abbey near Ripon on the way down so that Toby and Teddy could have a run around and burn off some energy (rather than being stuck in the car for hours on one of the hotest days of the year!)

We also rang up Drayton Manor and booked tickets in advance as they have disabled and careers tickets that can not be booked on online.

 We got to Drayton Manor early (car parks open at 9:30) however the rides don’t operate until 10:30…explain that to an autistic child! We took a DLA letter to guest services who issued us a wristband which Joel wore as Toby wouldn’t. They also gave us card for ten fast passes so that he could go straight to the exit and access the ride rather than queue.

Toby had a lovely day and loved the rides in Thomas land and the river Rapids. It was quiter than some other theme parks we’ve been too which was great.