So we’re currently driving back from a very eventful five days in a field.  Some of my good intentions and plans worked well (see my Camping tips blog post) however others resulted in us having to call the AA…and not to mention my trip to hospital or visit from the air ambulance but we’ll come on to that!  Firstly Toby did fantastic.  He loved the tent, his pod and his blankets and on the whole (apart from the first night!) slept really well.  His ear defenders and wireless headphones worked a treat and he even slept with his ear defenders on – I didn’t really realise how noisy campsite were!    Toby all snuggled up in the tent. The team in the crèche were fantastic with him and bent over backwards to support our whole family – I honestly can’t thank them enough! Toby loved going and again just wore wireless headphones to help with the noise…he definitely had the right idea and I also would far rather listen to the circle of life than several babies screaming!  Going offsite also really helped Toby. We had a lovely afternoon at Malvern Splash pool, Toby loved the waves and even went down the side by himself which he was very impressed with. So what didn’t work so well was the whole car thing…we had requested a disabled badge so that Toby could have the car next to the tent to give him somewhere safe to go and have a break of it all got a bit overwhelming. On the whole he loved going and sitting in the car and listening to his music, it gave him a much needed break from the busyness and noise of toddlers running around screaming and playing. Until today…when we put Toby in the car so that he could have a chill and we could get packed and sorted for going home. Toby had the keys in the engine so that he could listen to his playlist through the car’s stero system. He was climbing about chewing his Peso the Penguin and enjoying his music until he stepped on the central locking button and locked himself, the car keys and my phone inside the car… Toby in the car.  Joel, myself and some friends from church were all trying to ask Toby to open the door which was a little optimistic since he is non-verbal and doesn’t usually respond to his name never mind follow instructions… Toby started becoming a little distressed by everyone crowding around the car and tapping on the windows and so we asked everyone to move away. Joel rang our breakdown company and explained the situation and they marked it as ‘urgent’ and promised someone would be with us within an hour and so I stood holding his iPad up at the window so that he could watch the Octonauts on iplayer. However after about 35mins Toby suddenly decided that he had had enough and opened the door and climbed out…much to everyone’s relief!  However several hours later after crèche, a church BBQ and finally being packed and ready to go home we realised that he had flattened the car battery so it wouldn’t start! We had half the church pushing and jump starting our car in the pouring rain just so that we could leave…you couldn’t actually make it up!  So lesson learnt…car works but music needs to not go through the stero system and we need to remember the spare set of keys!!! The camp itself was fantastic. We had some great times of worship and inspiring speakers and both Joel and myself really felt God speak to us. We have been impacted by reading Andrew and Rachel Wilson’s book The Life You Never Expected recently and have been doing a lot of processing as a result of that!   Joel and the boys playing at The Three Counties Showground.  Well I’m sure some people are still only reading to find out why we were visited by the air ambulance…you can read the news story here it was also on my BBC news app on my phone and I was referred to as ‘the other woman’ so I’ve official made it big now…. Basically Joel and I were coming out of the main meeting yesterday (Tuesday) morning and were on our way to the crèche to pick the boys up. It had been incredibly windy over night and the wind had disturbed the meeting a couple of times that morning. We came out one of the side doors of the big top and walked along past the main entrance towards the building which was being used for the crèche. Suddenly there was a large gust of wind and a large events marque (large enough for 30-40 people) blew up in to the air! Joel saw it happen and grabbed me around the waist and screamed ‘run!’ He dragged me towards the enterance of the big top as this huge marquee zoomed straight towards us. The whole thing blew at us and I was hit in the face with a metal pole and the impact knocked me back in to the door frame of the big top enterance hitting the back of my head and the whole right handside of my body. I am honestly convinced that Joel saved my life as it would have knocked me over at some force if he hadn’t pulled back towards the enterance of the big top as the big top took the majority of the impact. It was like something in a horror movie as everything seemed to go in to slow motion as the marquee came towards us, people were screaming and people were laid out on the ground obviously in a lot of pain. The stewards and site teams did a fantastic job of handling the situation and there were doctors who were part of the event with us within minutes.  I’m sure by this point I was sobbing hysterically – I leant a lot about how I process and deal with trauma and how that it completely different to Joel…maybe I’ll blog about that at somepoint!  I sobbed for an hour and a half whilst the onsite doctors assessed the situation and prioritied injuries ready for the paramedics, I was then checked by the air ambulance paramedics, interviewed by the police, checked by the ambulance crew and then taken to the local community hospital.  I think I went in to shock as my vision went completely blury and my breathing was incredibly fast. I just kept sobbing saying I wanted to go get the kids (my mum had them and they were fine!) and jumping at every little guest of wind saying that it here was no way I could sleep in a tent tonight as I was terrified of the wind!  Joel had also had a bump to his head and had a small cut behind his ear. He was very calm and level headed however after an hour he suddenly went very quiet and I kept asking him if he was ok as I was convinced his head injury was much more serious than it looked and he had internal bleeding because he was so quiet (he didn’t and he’s fine!)  Eventually we were taken to a local community hospital, the more serious injuries were sent to a bigger hospital with an A&E department. Standing up to get in to the ambulance I suddenly started feeling really sick. I sat with my head in a sick bag all the way there. Eventually I threw up in one of the consultation rooms at the hospital whilst being checked over. After throwing up I started to feel better.  We were discharged within an hour with a list of symptoms that any of which we had to go straight to A&E. Our lovely Church leaders drove us back to the site and were greated by lots of sympathy and hugs (which I soon stopped people doing as my body was so sore!)   Well it’s 22:57 and we’re finally home and tucked up in our own bed which feels incredible! I’m not convinced spending last night on an air bed was the best thing for my aching body but if anything it makes sleeping in our own bed feel so comfy tonight! The boys are fast asleep in their own beds (and we’re praying that they sleep!)  It’s been an eventful week but I don’t want all the great things that God said and did to be over shadowed by a freak accident. The accident it self could of been a completely different story if it had happened five minutes later once everyone had picked their children up. It’s also miraculous to report that no one else suffered any major injuries or  broken bones! God is good.  We couldn’t have coped this week without some incredibly supportive family members, friends and members of our church family (who know who they are!) we’re so blessed with great people around us and and great God who leads, guides and protects!  However I don’t plan on going camping again for a little while!