We had a lovely visit to the new splash pad at Riverside Park in Chester Le Street yesterday. 

It opened on 1st Aug and is apparently open until the schools go back in September. We had been avoiding it until now as I had heard that it had been pretty busy (not surprising for something so great…and free!)

We got to the park for 4:45pm as the Splash pad is open until 6pm every day and we guessed that later on would be the quietest for Toby. It was still pretty busy and pretty noisy, lots of children screaming and playing. Toby lasted a few minutes before we decided to let him have his ear defenders on (we were debating whether they are ok to get wet or not…they were fine)

 As soon as he had his ear defenders on he clapped and smiled non-stop. Being so sensitive to noise is challenging and these days we don’t go anywhere without a pair!

Toby wore an all in one swim suit (white buzz lightyear) and actually it made him really easy to spot as not many people wear white in water for obvious reasons! He also wore his crocs as he’s also quite sensitive about his feet. Ihowever, was less prepared…Toby wanted me to come in and dragged me around the splash pad – next time I will wear shorts/skirt and crocs myself as my skinny jeans were soaked by the end!

Despite that we all had a great time! Toby clapped and smiled non-stop and we stayed in the water about 30mins and then had another 20mins in the playground. 50mims might not sound a lot to some people but for Toby in a busy park in the middle of August it’s amazing!