Only one more day to go! We don’t count it in ‘sleeps’ like other people do as we often don’t get sleep!

Toby’s back at school on Thursday and it can’t come quick enough! Holidays are challenging for Toby, he loves the structure and routine of School and holidays are confusing, long and unpredictable.

He’s been running up and down the living room for the past 2 hours…hopefully that should tire him out so he sleeps tonight. All in all he’s done well and we’ve had a good holiday however we’re exhausted and he’s more than ready to go back to school.

Believe it or not we have done ‘something’ everyday for the past six weeks – countless days out, visits to the swimming baths, holidays, trips to the park etc I’m really looking forward to having a pj day with Teddy and not actually leaving the house once Toby’s taxi has picked him up on Thursday. Most other people enjoy holidays and days out but also enjoy days at home watching DVD’s or playing in the garden but not Toby…he needs to go out somewhere and burn some energy off every single day. If he doesn’t he’s climbing the walls, his behaviour goes down hill, he has meltdowns or he tries to escape and go out himself (he managed to escape twice over the hols) We’ve been to countless adventure playgrounds (National Trust Membership has come in handy yet again), four different swimming pools (some of those several times), a week in Scarborough, a week camping – it has been great but exhausting! Don’t get me wrong I love days out and adventures with the boys but after six weeks of it I just need a rest.

The good news is that social services have approved his four hours a week respite! The panel agreed that he needed it (we needed it!) and so his social worker is busy working on that so hopefully that will be in place ready for the next holiday which should help!

All of Toby’s peers are starting reception this week and I’ve seen lots of proud parent posts on Facebook with the children all dressed up in their uniforms looking nervously excited. We were incredibly blessed last year (even though we didn’t understand it at the time!) by Toby not getting a nursery place at the local special school that we wanted. Instead, he was offered a place at another special school which is 35mins from our house which at the time we said was too far for a non-verbal, emotional three year old to travel each day there and back on his own in a taxi. However because of the transport issue he was then offered a full time school place (at aged 3) and it has been the best thing for us all. God clearly knew what he was doing.

So while everyone else is busy getting organised, I’m just hoping his uniform from last year fits! We’ve bought him some new school shoes – not that he wears them much anyway! Toby prefers to be barefoot and so as soon as he gets in the taxi, he take this socks and shoes off (and chews his sock) and I’m sure he only really wears them when he plays outside at school. I can’t try his uniform on him as he wouldn’t understand and would expect to be going to school and he wouldn’t cope putting it on and then taking it off! I’m sure if he has grown that he’ll mange for the first two days and we’ll get some more over the weekend.

Anyway one more day and then all the ‘normality’ returns. He’s going to be so excited when we put the word and picture of School on his visual timetable and dress him in his uniform – I can just imagine him jumping and flapping now!