Well today we visited the fracture clinic, A&E yesterday, tomorrow who knows?! Well I do…I’m going to go pre-order my iPhone 6S in pink which I’m pretty excited about…but anyway!

School rang me on Wednesday eve to say he hadn’t had a good afternoon. Apparently he had been fine all morning and had enjoyed playing outside but then hadn’t eaten any lunch and then had laid on the beanbags all afternoon and cried his eyes out getting ready to go home. We put it down to him being exhausted as he had been up most of the night before (see my post Why transitions are tricky… from Wednesday morning!)

He had fallen asleep in the taxi which he usually does as it’s a 35min journey. I lifted him in and he sobbed and just wanted to sit and be cuddled – again we put it down to being overtired.

He didn’t eat anything for tea and didn’t want any snacks either which is unlike him – again we put it down to being overtired. He felt a but warm so we gave him some calpol (in his juice as he doesn’t tolerate spoons or syringes)

We put him to bed and he settled ok however he woke up at half 8 crying his eyes out. He was really sweaty and so I thought he might have a bit of a bug so again more calpol and I brought him in to our bed and sent Joel in to his as I thought we might have a repeat of the night before. He had a restless night but at least we had some sleep. He looked exhausted and he was very cuddly. Obviously being completely non-verbal is tricky in these situations as he cant tell you or even point to where it ‘hurts’.

I decided to keep him off school even though he was now eating. He just laid on the sofa which is not like him – he’s always running about clapping and flapping and climbing on the furniture or over the stairgate in to the kitchen. He just wanted to be cuddled and Teddy running about shouting was annoying him even more than normal! After a while, I laid him in our bed with his iPad and tried to play with Teddy upstairs – he was more interested in trying to throw objects down the stairs shouting ‘go!’ (ready steady go!) Eventually they both ended up laid in our bed on an iPad each (great parenting there!) Toby’s iPad ran out of power and he didn’t even have the energy to try take Ted’s, where as usually he would just take Ted’s and try and use two at the same time! He just laid there – he didn’t even have the energy to cry.

Thankfully Joel was only working a half day as part of his phased return and so he came home at lunch time. We gave Toby some more calpol and he laid on Joel’s chest on the sofa and fell asleep (again very out of character!)

When he woke up he was very warm and sweaty again so I ran him a bath and got him some clean pj’s out. As I was undressing him in the bathroom I noticed a brown mark on his neck, I pointed it out to Joel who said it was probably chocolate! I lifted him in to the bath and could see the mark was a bruise and it felt like a lump underneath. I did what I do with every other rash and mark on the kids…I facetimed my mum! She was concerned that he might have broken his collar bone and so we took him down to A&E. We also noticed than that he hadn’t really been using his left arm much…

I felt guilty that I hadn’t noticed before then as it had put it down to being overtired and having a bug. I remember falling up (yes up) the stairs when I was 18 and breaking my foot – it was pretty painful – especially when my mum said it was fine and waited 24hours before taking me to A&E!

Our friend Jen met us and picked Teddy up and took him to the farm as he would have been a liability in A&E! As we sat in the waiting room we started piecing everything together – up all night, fine weds morning, (he must of fallen over at some point) laid on beanbags all weds afternoon (prob in shock!) crying getting his coat on = possible broken collar bone.

We were put on the “see and treat” list and were seen by a nurse within half an hour, however she was concerned that he had been having high temperatures too so wanted a doc to see him – the waiting time for a doc was two hours according to the info on the TV screens…great! The waiting room began to fill up more and more as we got towards teatime – lots of school aged children with possible broken ankles and what looked like other PE related injuries. Toby found it more and more challenging the busier it got and there was no where else to sit so he hid under his blanket on my knee and played on his iPad. A&E isn’t particularly ASD friendly – lots of people in and out and quite noisey too!

Eventually Joel went to the desk to explain that Toby was struggling with all the people and they said that he was next on the list. We saw a young doctor who tried to examine him however he didn’t like her touching him. She spoke to her reg who agreed that he should have an X-ray.

Getting him to be still for an X-ray was interesting…Joel put a gown on and stood holding his hands and i stood behind the screen holding his iPad up for him to watch. It took a few attempts but eventually they got one.

A nurse came in with two syringes of pain relief for him. We explained that he didn’t tolerate spoons or syringes and that we usually dissolve it in his juice. However he had drunk all of the juice we had brought from home and they didn’t have any that he could use. We tried to pin him down (without hurting his collar bone area anymore) but he just resisted and spat most of the medication out. Joel then nipped to the shop and bought him some juice that we poured in to his juice bottle and mixed in the second syringe full which he drank no problem.

I amazed me how many people (docs and nurses) didn’t understand that non-verbal means…non-verbal…when asking him if something hurt when they touched it etc…

The doctor came back with the X-ray results and confirmed that his collar bone was fractured. They put a collar and cuff on which he surprised us all by keeping on and were given a fracture clinic appointment for today.

Big shout out to Jen and Sarah who entertained and fed Teddy while all this was going on and to my parents who came to pick him up and then had him over night so that I could go to the fracture clinic today with Toby.

The doctor today said it should heal itself in two weeks and that the lump would get bigger but then disappear. We’re praying that it will heal well and that Toby would be back to his normal bouncy self soon as he hasn’t left my side all day – it must be hard when you’re in pain but don’t understand and can’t communicate. Thank you to everyone for their messages and prayers – what a week!