Well at somepoint last Wednesday (not 100% how or when?!) Toby broke his collar bone. You can read about it here – Toby and the fractured collar bone!

He’s coped amazingly well and we’re really proud of how he’s been wearing his collar and cuff sling (despite me telling the doctor that I didn’t think he would keep it on!) the sling however looks a bit worse for wear…Toby has sensory needs and has something in his mouth to chew about 80% of the time. I’m planning on popping to the doctors today to see if they can make him a new one as he’s chewed a hole in his.

He’s back to his unpredictable sleep pattern (after his 13 hours sleep on Saturday night!!) Monday morning/night he got up at midnight and didn’t go back to sleep until after 5am. I’m thankful for such a supportive husband who got up at 2:30am despite being at work all day and sent me back to bed as I had a headache and temperature. Tuesday night was much better however this morning I heard his little feet pitter pattering on the landing at 3:15am…I actually looked at my phone and thought 3:15…that’s not too bad for him! I thanked God for helping him to sleep until now as the midnight getups have been very challenging! It’s also now starting to feel much colder on a morning…I’ll be dragging my duvet down stairs with me soon at this rate!

Toby went back to school on Monday which was great as he was bored over the weekend and he didn’t understand why he wasn’t allowed to play in the garden on his climbing frame! We had a bit of an issue with School saying they were unable to give him Calpol as it was bought over the counter (rather than prescribed by a doctor!) despite being told in A&E just to keep giving him Calpol as and when he needed it for pain relief. I felt guilty as he was in pain and there was nothing that I could do (school’s 35mins away in the car, Joel had the car at work, I didn’t have a carseat even if I was to ask a friend to collect him) I prayed…God please give Toby the grace and the strength he needs to get through today. Well God answered my prayer in the form of our good friend Sarah who works at a school a few miles away from Toby who gave up her lunch hour to go to Toby’s school and give him some Calpol (and a cuddle and foot rub!) – she’s a star!

He’s starting to use his arm a bit more now and has been taking his hand out of the sling a lot more. We were in the metro centre on Saturday and I looked down at Toby in the pushchair and he had taken his left arm out of the sling and put it on his right one! His right arm must have been getting tired after doing all the hard work – he’s a funny one! Lets see how week two goes! Thank you everyone for your messages and prayers – last week was a tough one but I knew God’s grace was with us and we wouldn’t still be stood here standing without him!