So my beautiful little sister got married yesterday! 

The boys did ready well especially during the service. Toby wore wireless headphones for most of the day and had his iPad to play on and trusty pal Peso the cuddly penguin to chew.

There were a few times that he got a bit overwhelmed but he did fantastic to even be there as he hasn’t been to a wedding since he was 10 months old as we’ve always sent him to stay with Nana and Grandad as weddings can be tricky especially with lots of noise and people!   Toby and Teddy rocking their bow ties and converses (I don’t think they will stay that white for long!)

Grace looked beautiful and was just happy that the boys were there and able to share in her and Joe’s day. She had a spare room in the reception venue that she had saved just for Toby and he spent most of his time in  there on his iPad. Beautiful bride spending some time with the boys away from the rest of the wedding guests.

Toby sat at the table in the reception to eat his lunch (in his own highchair) however once he had eaten he got a bit overwhelmed and then went back to his spare room – in Toby’s head you sit at the table to eat your food and that’s it…no socialising, speeches, toasts or anything else like that!

We left before the speeches had even finished as Toby had had enough and Teddy was shattered and ready for bed.

Early start again this morning for Toby…4:20am despite it being nearly nine before he got to bed as he needed to do his full usual bedtime routine when we got back home.

Really thankful to God for my beautiful sister and new brother in law. Have an amazing honeymoon you two!
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