Well after a couple of weeks of really good sleep (hence the lack of blog posts!) we  had a 3:15am wake up call this morning! I do think it had something to do with the wind as even now he still keeps covering his ears. I’ve got a couple of semi written blog posts so we’ll see how far we get this morning! 

We don’t watch a lot of TV or have a TV licence and so anything we watch, we watch on iplayer etc. However after flicking through various apps a few weeks ago, we came across Kitchen Impossible with Michel Roux Jr.

I am often a little weary about programs about people with disabilities (especially on channel 4) as I have seen things in the past which haven’t been particularly possitive. However having Michel Roux Jr gave it some credibility and so we decided to give it a watch.

The series is about a group of young people with various disabilities who are struggling to find work. Michel trains them up with the aim of helping them to find jobs in the catering industry. What impressed me the most was hearing that this wasn’t just a one off thing, Michel has worked with disadvantaged young people for many years helping them to find work in hospitality.

The trainees have a variety of needs from autism, downs, Tourette’s (so the language is quite sweary!) and guy who is a qualified chef but has recently become blind due to diabetes. Apparently less than 50% of people with a disability are in full time employment.

In the first task Michel asks them to cook a signature dish to assess their skills. One of the guys with autism pulls out a microwaveable ready meal (and was totally serious!) When Michel makes a comment about it not being real cooking and just heating up the guy shows him the instructions which say, ‘cook for 4 minutes…’ – talk about taking things literally!  However in the second episode when preparing a salmon dish at a food festival Michel comments on what a good worker this guy is and how he’s completely ‘focused in on the task infront of him’ and he does a great job.

I don’t want to spoil it too much but it’s refreshing to see Michel’s attitude to these young people. He doesn’t belittle them, he has high expections of them and yes they do mess up but they do also achieve. It will be interesting to see if by the end of the series the guys find some work!

It’s definitely worth a watch.