You won’t believe this but the mouse has done it again!

For those who missed it you can catch up on our mouse and car problems from earlier in the week – Reflections on a mad Monday morning…Big shout out to Jen for taking Joel to school. I’m trying not to think about where this mouse lives…hopefully not in the car or anywhere near our house! The car is sat on our drive and someone is coming to fix it tomorrow. We need to make a plan to keep the mouse away as its already cost us Β£100 this week!

On a much more positive note Toby used his PECS book at home this morning! PECS stands for picture exchange communication system and is basically using picture cards to communicate. The exchange is the communication (rather than just looking or pointing) as in giving the card to someone he is interacting with with the person. IMG_8123-0

He asked for a banana! He wasn’t very well yesterday and didn’t really eat much. He had his flu vaccine on Monday and hasn’t been 100% since. However it was great to see him communicate his hunger and choose what he wanted. He’s been using PECS at school but has never really been interested in using it at home. Of course he  got a banana – I better get some more before he gets home as Teddy and I have been baking this morning and have used the last two in our banana bread!   Teddy making banana and raisin bread and signing cake. We’re now snuggled up on the sofa watching frozen and waiting for it to bake. Happy Thursday everyone!