Well today is World Prematurity Day and although I usually write about life with Toby, we have another very special little man who was born five weeks prem who is a big part of Toby’s life. 

Theodore Jasper (Ted/Teddy) joined our family early Dec 13 five weeks before his due date. I had a challenging pregnancy which wasn’t helped by having a challenging 2 and a half year old Toby who had recently been given his official diagnosis of Autism.

I was induced with Toby and ended up having an emergency c-section at 42weeks so having a early baby was the last thing on my mind. Ted wasn’t due until the middle of January and so I had planned to get things organised over Christmas and then gear up for our new arrival in the new year. However he had other ideas!

I remember being a toddler group, being 34 weeks pregnant and feeling awful. I must have looked awful too as several of my Mummy-friends were concerned that I hadn’t packed my hospital bag yet but I reassured them that I would do it over the Christmas holidays when Joel was around to help with Toby as he wasn’t due for another six weeks and if he was anything like Toby, it could be another 8 weeks!

Anyway I went home that afternoon and fell asleep with Toby. Joel came back and we went up to Ikea for tea and to pick up some bits and pieces for Christmas. I was exhausted after walking all round Ikea and when we got home I went straight to bed. I woke in the early hours of Saturday morning with water trickling down my leg (prob tmi!!) We rang the hospital who asked me to come in to get checked out, and after waiting around for a couple of hours and being monitored they sent me home and said I had probably wet myself but to come back if it happened again. Anyway I carried on as normal throughout Saturday and Sunday and eventually went back in late Sunday evening with the same problem.

I was told that my waters had gone (they had been wrong) and because it had been over 48 hours there was a high risk to my baby and they would have to deliver him as soon as possible. I burst in to tears (I blame the hormones!) and sobbed to the doctor telling him that they couldn’t deliver him as I hadn’t bought him any Christmas presents! It didn’t matter that he was going to small and need help to breathe or the fact I didn’t even have my hospital bag packed or have anything ready at home I was just concerned that this poor tiny baby wouldn’t have anything to open on Christmas morning!

nyway Theodore Jasper came in to the world sometime around 10am Monday morning by emergency c-section. He was taken off to neonatal as he was ‘grunting’ and struggling to breathe. Teddy staying to neonatal for ten days and was allowed home in time for Christmas.

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Looking back on it, it was a pretty challenging time for us all! However I honestly believe that God brought Teddy into our world at the perfect time. I had been really worried about how Toby would cope with a new baby in the house as he hated the sound of babies crying and would often scream himself. It was going to be a massive change for us all. However having Ted in hospital for those couple of weeks allowed Toby to get used to him slowly and adjust to us being a family of four. It also meant that Joel had four weeks off work (as he took his two weeks paternity leave and then had two weeks Christmas holidays) which was such a blessing as I couldn’t pick Toby up after having a section and I wouldn’t have coped with them both on my own if Joel had just taken two weeks paternity. So although medically Teddy was five weeks early for us he arrived at the perfect time. Theodore means “gift of God” and Jasper means “precious” or  “treasure” and Teddy has definitely been that to us all.