I’m not a massive fan of snow. Yeah it looks pretty but causes chaos and when that results in an unsettled Toby it really isn’t much fun! 

My heart sank when I heard his little feet on the landing this morning…I knew it was early and didn’t want to check the time because I knew it wouldn’t be good…3:15am. We’re now snuggled up on the sofa watching the Octonauts – we even have a certain dvd that we watch in the middle of the night. It’s one that doesn’t wind him up and we try not to ‘reward’ the lack of sleep – so no iPads as they don’t encourage sleep.

We had a full afternoon of unforcasted snow which caused havoc in County Durham yesterday. It started as rain but gradually turned in to snow. I told Joel that it wouldn’t settle as the ground was too wet yet a couple of hours later we were completely snowed in! Our road is a little cul-de-sac with only 10 houses on and so isn’t ideal for snowy conditions!

We had planned a Church bring and share Christmas dinner yesterday which was soon cancelled due to the weather as the police were advising only to travel if necessary. Our plan yesterday was to pop in to Durham in the morning as we had a few jobs to do and then drop Toby off for respite and go to our Christmas meal. However after skidding when turning in to our street on the way home from Durham, we decided that it wasn’t safe to go out again. This resulted in a long afternoon in the house for Toby, an unsettled bedtime and an early wake up call. Joel and I kept reminding ourselves yesterday that this is why we are going away for Christmas as at least there will be things to keep Toby entertained even if the weather isn’t great (swimming, soft play etc) within walking distance. We’re just praying that we get there ok as in bad weather they often shut the road over the Pennines.

Teddy enjoyed playing on the sledge and trying to eat the snow outside the front of the house. The road was completely covered and as no cars could get on or off it and so he had the freedom to explore our very own winter wonderland.

After a while Ted started to get a bit cold…probably because he wouldn’t wear a hat! We then decided to see what Toby thought of the snow. I opened the front door and Toby walked straight to the car, I tried to show him the sledge and the snow on the road but he didn’t look too impressed! He just kept looking at me as if to say ‘that’s not right…don’t play on the road!’ I took him round the back and in to our garden. He immediately started running about and clapping and flapping. He dusted the snow off his swing and giggled away to himself. The snow was funny but obviously you play in the garden (not on the road!) he’s very black and white about things like that! He lasted about ten minutes before he decided that he had had enough of the snow and he took himself back inside.

The rest of the afternoon dragged. Toby was bored and as he’s only allowed an iPad at certain times of the day (to encourage sleep and limit obsessions) his behaviour wasn’t great. Hopefully we’ll be able to get him out somewhere today to run off some energy and have a much more ‘normal’ day which again also helps him to sleep better (sometimes!)
As I mentioned before, we had cancelled our bring and share Christmas dinner and so Joel, Sarah and I had a make shift Christmas dinner – bacon, sprouts, carrots, parsnips and potatoes and then Christmas cake and sherry for Joel and Sarah – I don’t tend to drink much alcohol these days and it’s not a great combination with sleep deprivation. And so after a little sob at the end of It’s a wonderful life, we ended our wild Christmas party and went to bed! It’s half five now and so it’s time to swap with Joel so I can grab an hour’s sleep – night night!