Not really Toby related but our little Teddy had day surgery yesterday to get grommets put in. 

He coped really well with a long day and lots of new people prodding him. 

Getting him to sleep was the biggest challenge as he was too distressed to get a cannula in and so they had to use the gas mask. Even with the gas, it took two nurses, the anaesthetist  and myself to try and pin him down and hold the mask on as he wasn’t very happy. He was stood up on my knee screaming when it finally worked and then we lifted him on the bed so they could start operating. The staff commented that he was a strong and fiesty little one…!

He’s coped really well since and we’re already noticing him responding to sounds that he didn’t used to and he’s not shouting all the time either. Thanks to everyone for their love, messages and prayers – we’re having a DVD and snuggle day today to recover! 

Anyway looking forward to a couple of weeks without any hospital appointments – we’ve already been to three different hospitals this month (Darlington, Bishop Aukland and Chester-le-Street) not sure what we would do without the nhs!