Toby chews everything (and I mean everything!) From clothing, to zips, to toys and even electrical wires…

Toby has sensory issues and chewing helps him to cope with the world around him. Lots of children (and adults) with autism and other additional needs find chewing on something helps them to feel calmer when facing new or challenging situations – it’s a more extreme version of biting your nails or twirling your hair etc.

We have spent hundreds of pounds (and that’s not exaggerating..!) on various chews, necklaces and toys for Toby and have always struggled to find something that works for him.

As a baby, he had a comfort blanket with Roo from Winnie the Pooh on and he liked to chew that and he gradually progressed on to other soft toys and blankets. He still falls asleep now chewing a blanket. He tends to chew material in the same place and he loves the wetness on his skin and face.

His clothing very rarely lasts long enough to get handed down to Teddy and he chews holes in most things. These days clothes shopping involves finding the most durable items that will last as long as possible. Last week I ordered a new coat for Toby as he had chewed the zip and zip teeth off his previous one. It’s a fisherman style coat from M&S which is made out of polyester – it’s also bright yellow to help us not loose him!  Hopefully this will be more difficult to chew through!

  Anyway back to chew toys, as I mentioned above we have tried loads – most he has managed to chew through, bite parts off or loose. After chewing through one of his silicon iPad cases I decided to look again for a specialist Toby proof chew.

I came across the new Hexichew which is made by Chewigem (who were on Dragons Den)

The Hexichew is larger than most chews that we have had in the past – which makes it harder to loose and easier to reach when he drops it in the car! Many other  chews which we have bought in the last have been much smaller and Toby has regularly bitten parts off very quickly and easily. However the Hexigem seems strong and durable.

It’s designed as a sensory chew and fiddler. It also easily attches to a lanyard/cord to become a necklace or a toy strap to attach to buggys, wheelchairs, car seats etc.

The Hexichew cost £11.00 each or you can buy two for £20.00. Here’s the link if anyone is interested – Chewigem Hexichew there are other colours available too but we love the rainbow tie-dye!

Anyway off to bed, Toby’s been up since 4am and Ted’s still not very well and has been very clingy today- continued prayers appreciated!