Just a quick thank you and well done to M&S for creating poppered vests and all in one pyjamas for children with additional needs which go up to aged 8. 

The campaign was started by a Mum who approached M&S about vests in larger sizes for her disabled son.

Getting hold of poppered vests in anything larger than ages 2-3 is really quite challenging (and expensive) This is because most children are out of nappies by this age and so in the past, shops have argued that there just isn’t the market.

However after launching online on Monday and completely selling out the same day other retailers might want to have a rethink!

Toby will be 5 in July and is still in nappies. We have tried to get him to use the toilet or potty several times but due to limited understanding and lack of communication we have not succeeded…yet!

He regularly takes his nappy off as he prefers to be naked and he usually waits until we leave the room to do so which can result in accidents…having a poppered vest slows him down as he can not slip the nappy off as easily.

 He also has to wear a onesie for bed as normal pyjama bottoms are too easy to get off and again the onesie makes it more challenging. However he has a knack of getting his nappy off without taking the onesie off which does take some skill!

The new all in ones from M&S are simple and well designed. They have poppers at the bottom to make nappy changing easier (just like a baby sleep suit) We have had problems in the past with Toby chewing fasteners off normal onesies as most have poppers or zips up the front which is a chocking hazard for a child who chews everything.

Toby’s quite small and the 4-5 is quite big on him. White isn’t usually his colour. We joked that he looked like the Angel Gabriel but practicality over fashion…!

They are still out of stock on M&S’s website and I have been told that there should be more online by the end of the week and to search for ‘3-8’ 

Great to see a large retailer engaging with their customers and producing products that will make a difference to many families across the country…lets just hope they do restock them quickly!