So I’ve been a bit quiet on the whole blogging thing for nearly a week now, however things have been anything but quiet here!

This half term was a lot better than previous school holidays however by the end of the week we felt like we were hitting a wall and we were all more than ready for school to start again on Monday.

One of the biggest challenges we are facing at the moment is Toby’s aggression. As he’s getting bigger, we’re finding it harder to keep him (and us) safe when he’s lashing out. Having a 2 or 3 year old having a tantrum and kicking out is anger is more manageable that a child who is nearly 5 who could really hurt himself or someone else. Often when Toby is distressed he lays on the floor and kicks and hit out. Not being able to speak or communicate doesn’t help and calming him down can take some time. However as well as that Toby has started hitting himself really quite hard with both hands when he’s distressed.

On Sunday afternoon Joel took Toby to a Splashability swimming session (for disabled children) which he usually loves. Toby had been the previous Sunday as part of his respite care, he had also been to the same pool (during a public swimming session) on the Wednesday and loved it however on Sunday he was only in the pool five minutes before Joel took him out as he was so distressed. Poor Joel is covered in marks where Toby has nipped, hit and scratched him and Toby was also hitting and hurting himself. We still don’t know what had upset Toby that day and just put it down to he needing to be back at school.

He was very pleased to put his school uniform on on Monday morning and kept glancing out of the window for his taxi. He had a lovely day however he got quite upset in the taxi at home time. He was hitting himself and nipping the taxi escort and this has continued he came as he came home Tuesday night with a large bite mark on his hand (he had broken the skin too)  he had got so upset he started biting himself. We’re not really sure what’s been upsetting him so much but not being able to communicate much be really frustrating!

For those of you who pray we would really appreciate your prayers for peace for Toby and wisdom for us in dealing with this type of behaviour and identifying the triggers.

Back to half term – we kept Toby busy as much as we could; national trust visits, swimming (3 times), trip to the zoo, soft play areas, respite care and a trip to a theme park. We do enjoy spending time out and about with the boys however a when you haven’t slept and Toby’s behaviour isn’t great this can be challenging! Many mornings started around 1:30am and onwards – hence us feeling like we’ve hit a brick wall by the end of the week!

This week has also been significant for Joel and myself. It was this time last year (first week back after February half term) when Joel crashed and become really quite ill. For those who don’t know, Joel had six months off work due to a post viral fatigue – his body was just completely exhausted from the stresses of home and school life. The past year has been pretty challenging for us all but we have grown so much. We have made some pretty big adjustments and we are in a much better place than 12 months ago! We’re so thankful to everyone who has helped and supported us over the past year and are continuing to do so. We are also extremely grateful for a God who is with us always and brings peace into our chaotic lives. We’re not sure what the future will bring but we’re not afraid as we continue to look forward with hope knowing that God is with us no mater what we face.