Just a quick thank you and shout out to Newlife Foundation for disabled children who have funded a specialist car seat for Toby.

We had been having lots of problems with Toby taking his car seat straps off and in some cases completely climbing out and standing up in his seat whilst the car was moving. As you can imagine this is pretty dangerous and in the past has made getting from A to B pretty stressful. We noticed that he didn’t have a problem in his taxi going to school (as he loves school) however going places that he didn’t want to go or if he was in a particularly sensitive mood his behaviour in the car could be very challenging. I couldn’t tell you the amount of times that we have had to find a safe place to stop and put him back in his seat. We had also tried various safety devices including the five point plus harness which he still managed to escape from.

After a bit of research, we discovered that the best option for Toby would be a Britax Traveller Plus which is designed for children with additional needs and goes right up to aged 11 and has the five point safety is built in it is much more difficult to escape from. However with a price tag of nearly £600.00 it was a bit far out of our price range. 

 A few people had mentioned Newlife Foundation to me as they provide specialist equipment for children with additional needs or who are terminally ill. I gave them a ring and explained our situation to one of their specialist nurses. She was really helpful and talked me through the application process. She explained that we needed a professional to support the application and Toby’s social worker was happy to do this for us. We were quickly awarded the funding and within a week of being told this, we received the car seat in the post. 

Since receiving the car seat, travelling has been far less stressful and Toby seems very comfy and happy in his new seat. Most children Toby’s age are starting to just use booster seats however I can see Toby needing his special seat for a long time yet! 
 Really grateful for charities that make family life slightly easier! For more information about Newlife check out there website – http://www.newlifecharity.co.uk