Well as most people will have heard we had another hospital trip on Friday…These boys have had 8 hospital visits/appointments between them this year…and we’re only in February – seriously thank God for the NHS and fantastic work that they do! We’ve been to urgent care, consultant appointments (x2), had grommets fitted, Bishop Aukland hospital for an eye test, Toby was taken in for blood tests, Toby was in overnight with tonsillitis/dehydration and then Teddy was admitted on Friday too! I dread to think how much we have spent on hospital parking…!

I’m extremely thankful that there is nothing seriously wrong with either of them as even on Friday we saw children with life threatening illnesses being treated.

Anyway back to Friday. Ted had been a bit under the weather all week, he had fallen asleep at nursery (which is unheard of for him) and just been a bit washed out but we couldn’t really put our finger on what the matter was.

On Friday morning when changing him we noticed tiny red pinprick marks at the top of his back. We placed a glass on his skin and as the marks were not fading so we immediately rang 111. We were told to ring our doctors as soon as the surgery opened at 8am and tell them that we needed to be seen before 9am. We prayed and I felt such a sense of peace and knew that everything was going to be ok. This brought such a calmness in what could have been a very stressful time.

The doctor didn’t think it was meningitis as he didn’t have a temperature. Usually with meningitis the rash is the last thing to appear and as he didn’t have any other symptoms the doctor was pretty sure that he was ok. However due to the high profile cases in the press at the moment (and just to be on the safe side) he admitted Ted to hospital for further monitoring and tests as he was quite concerned about the rash. We knew it would be a couple of hours before he was seen and so I stayed and did our toddler group and Joel took Ted up to the hospital.

Ted was seen about half 11 and the doctor thought it could be one of two things; either due to excessive screaming (he had had a massive tantrum on Thursday afternoon so this was a possiblity!) or to do with his blood platelets…however this was less likely. They decided to see him again in two hours just to make sure the rash didn’t spread as at this time it was only at the top of his back.

Β When he was examined again the rash had spread further down his back on his has a few marks on his legs too so they decided to do a full set of bloods. After a bit of a battle they managed to get enough blood out and get a cannula in (again just in case!) Ted’s a fiesty little man and he wasn’t very impressed with having a cannula in…having seen Toby pull his out himself a couple of weeks back we bandaged his hand up and put a sock over it too to try and stop Ted pulling at it.

After a couple of hours all bar one blood test had come back and everything looked normal however this last test was to do with his platelet count so we had to wait. Eventually this one came back and the doctor the diagnosed Ted with ITP. Basically the normal platelet count is 150-400, Ted’s was 15 and so it was very low! IPT quite rare…only 4 cases per 100 000…typical Ted! You can read more about ITP in children if you’re interested –Β Childhood ITP

We have to go back in to hospital next Friday for further tests to make sure that his levels haven’t dropped any further. We would really appreciate your prayers that his platelet levels rise and are back up to a normal healthy level. However in the mean time, we need to try and stop him bumping himself too much or cutting/grazing himself as basically his blood will not clot very well as the platelets are so low if he does bleed. Having an adventurous two year old who loves to climb and jump is making this pretty challenging…I think I need to wrap him in bubble wrap!

Taking his cannula out was interesting…a student nurse came in to do it – however I don’t think she was told that he had a problem with his blood clotting and she seemed a bit shocked as he just wouldn’t stop bleeding. She asked me to get more paper towels 3 or 4 times as he has still bleeding and even when she got a plaster on he bled through that. Eventually with a lot of pressure (and paper towels) we managed to get another plaster on and stop him bleeding!

We got home just in time for bedtime – Toby had been quite distressed that his routine had been disturbed by having to come pick Ted and I up from the hospital. Ted’s a bit under the weather and is probably a bit sick of me stopping him from climbing! We have open access to the ward and any nose bleeds, blood in his urine or mouth we need to go straight back in.

Thank you all for your on going love, prayers and support – little Teddy is on the mend however fell asleep when shopping yesterday!