Well another eventful day in our lives…

The good news is the hospital have just rang with the results from Ted’s bloods. His platelet levels has risen from 15 up to 19 which is still quite low but they are happy that it is on the way up. They are going to test again in two weeks as below 20 is still the danger zone so please keep him in your prayers. If you missed this check out – Meningitis scare, another hospital trip and ITP…

The bad news is Toby has come out in chicken pox! We noticed two spots in his nappy area last night but chicken pox didn’t even cross my mind…so we sent him to school however after a trip to the doctors tonight we were informed that it is infact chicken pox.

I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry when she told me that it looked like chicken pox…after out 8 (now 9) hospital trips, tonsillitis, dehydration, ITP and now chicken pox…2016 has been pretty interesting so far.

My first worry was if Ted’s ITP would be an issue if/when he caught it. However as his white blood cells are normal and the issue has only been his platelets the Doctor said he should be fine.

Since having a bath, a couple more spots have appeared. However I made the rookie error of not running the water away once he climbed out and five minutes later he was back in (with his pyjamas on!)IMG_2567.JPG

Prayers appreciated that he only gets mild chicken pox…he seems fine in himself. And that he (and I) cope with a few days off school! Never a dull moment here…always said I didn’t want a boring life!