Chicken pox diaries

So we’re currently on day #4 of the dreaded pox…and so far we’re managing ok! 

I’ve always joked that Toby doesn’t get close enough to other children to catch things like chicken pox as there was several times when many of his baby friends had chicken pox but somehow he didn’t catch it despite being at toddler groups and play dates together – I guess that’s what happens when you hide in the corner under a blanket rather than playing with your peers! However he’s been quite unwell recently and his consultant requested some blood tests. Not all of the results are back yet but so far that they have identified that his iron levels are low and so he needs to start taking iron supplements 3x a day.

You usually catch the chicken pox virus two weeks before the spots come out which takes us back to half term week and we did a lot that week – swimming, soft play, trips out etc so he’s obviously picked it up when out and about.

Most of his spots seem to be in his nappy area and on his head (face and in his hair). We prayed that Toby would only get it mild and would get over it quickly and we’re hoping that he will be back to school by Wednesday as he only has a handful of spots on the rest of his body.

As he doesn’t tolerate creams etc we have just been dressing him in poppered vests and onesies to stop him scratching. He’s also been having lots of oaty baths – the doctor looked at me as if I was mad when I told her I had heard that putting oats in a sock in the bath would help…I’ve heard loads of people suggest this and it does seem to be working!

Last night he even fell asleep in the bath (it must have relaxed him!) I quickly got him out and in to his pj’s and put him straight to bed…you know he’s ill when he’s goes to sleep without melatonin! However he was up crying his eyes out at about 10pm – I’m not sure if he was itchy and uncomfortable or if he was distressed that we hadn’t done his bedtime routine properly – probably a bit of both. He got quite physically aggressive and Joel had to restrain him and try and calm him down. It is challenging when you can’t communicate. He eventually fell asleep again on the sofa about 3:30am.

Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 18.43.48

Unfortunately his taxi turned up this morning to take him to School (despite me texting yesterday to say that he wouldn’t be in…) he got very upset that he wasn’t going and he didn’t understand why he was still in his pjs and staying at home with me. Again it’s tricky when you can’t communicate. He got quite upset again this afternoon and started hitting and nipping himself – I’m not sure if he was in pain or just distressed about the whole pox situation.

Anyway a few of his spots are starting to scab over so hopefully this chicken pox won’t last too much longer and we can get back in to his normal routine.


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