I’ve had this post saved as a draft since October (must have started and got distracted…!) However recently I’ve been chatting to a few people about these so I thought I would share here too. 

Toby’s not a fan of getting his teeth brushed…although he chews a lot, he’s quite selective about what he will tolerate in his mouth. Toby also sees a special needs dentist and although she doesn’t really get to have a good look in his mouth we keep taking him and trying!

At his last dentist appointment Toby was given a three way tooth brush. We weren’t sure how he would tolerate it but he managed ok. Basically it does what it says on the tin and so brushes three ways. As Toby only copes with having his teeth done for a few seconds, using the three way toothbrush allows us to brush the whole tooth (top and both sides.)

 Although they are more expensive than a normal toothbrush (around £5) we feel happier that we are taking care of his teeth better. He does still chew the toothbrush and we have to replace them every 3-4weeks. We now buy them on Amazon or eBay – just search Dr Barman’s toothbrush. Or follow this link – Dr Barman’s toothbrush on Amazon