Hello, sorry that I’ve been quiet for a few days…things have been anything but quiet here! 

Toby’s struggled to adjust after being away for the weekend, he’s finding transitions tricky – journeys to and from school, mealtimes (the no iPad after tea rule) and bedtimes too – he’s been taking much longer than normal to settle. He’s becoming more distressed and has been hitting/scratching/biting himself when he is finding things tough.

He has had a funny couple of weeks with being ill and various things and just as we start to get back in to a bit more of a normal routine, he’ll be breaking up for Easter next week. We’re starting to plan our Easter holidays to make sure we keep him busy and we’ve got some time away to look forward to too. We’re praying that things will be more settled after the Easter holidays as next term is longer, he will have longer to enjoy the routine and settle in to the school term.

The better weather helps Toby too as he can play outside in the garden as when you don’t play with toys and iPad time is limited, outdoor time really helps burn off some energy. We had a lovely time playing on the climbing frame on Monday after school.

In other news, I have a sleeping Ted laid on me (which is not like him!) and he’s got two little spots on his chest…so looks like this is the return of the pox…Toby’s spots started appearing two weeks ago tomorrow so we have been expecting it!

 Thanks to some lovely friends who called in – and brought chocolate too! We’re going to be house bound for a few days but at least he’s caught it now and got it out of the way whilst he’s little and before the Easter holidays when we need to be out and about!


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