We received some great news last night. Not only are Ted’s blood platelets out of the danger zone…they are infact in the normal range!

His count yesterday was 188 (normal range is 150-400) where as last month he went down to 15…under 20 is the danger zone. We are so thankful to God that he’s back to full health.

So we decided that we would celerbrate and take the boys out for a meal. Joel and I have been chatting about making sure we do ‘normal’ family things…

Having to sit in a strange place, wait for food to cook and then eat different food can be very challenging…and something that has always seemed too stressful to do with the boys. You can tell by the look on Toby’s face that he was a little unsure.

However they both managed really well. We went to Frankie and Benny’s and arrived at 4pm so that it wasn’t too busy for Toby. With the help of his wireless headphones, ear defenders, iPad and free wifi Toby sat and enjoyed the occasion.

He managed to eat one chip and half a fishfinger which doesn’t sound much but is great for him in a strange environment and off a strange plate!