Well we had fun this morning! We joined in with the Little Angels (under 5’s) bounce session at ROF 59 at Aycliffe Business Park. 

Toby loves to bounce (we even have a trampoline in our living room) and after researching various trampoline parks (most sessions are for over 8’s) we found Little Angles at ROF 59 and decided it was a great place to spend a Monday morning!

We walked in an were amazed at the space and facilities – have a look at the seating area and climbing walls –

 We were one of the first families in so it was lovely and quiet and perfect for Toby. And in fact the session itself wasn’t too busy at all, there were only 5 or 6 families in and no boysterious older children. Disney music played in the background and Toby wore his ear defenders the whole time but even without them, I don’t think it would have been ‘too noisy’.

There were small balls, basket balls and parachutes set out on the trampolines to make it more fun for little people. Check out one of the trampoline areas –

We were unsure how Toby would react – sometimes he really doesn’t cope with new places however he happily bounced and ran about enjoying himself. Here’s the three boys having fun..!  

We were also unsure who he would cope with the socks…everyone is given bright orange socks with special grips on the bottom to wear whilst on the trampolines. Toby doesn’t like socks….he has sensory needs and much prefers to be barefoot and so constantly takes his socks off (and chews them) however he was so busy enjoying himself that he didn’t even realise that his socks felt funny until 45minutes into the session. He did spend the last 15 minutes taking them off. Check him out at the bottom of the slide on the next video!

The staff were really friendly and chatted to Toby and asked how they could help and support his needs. One member of staff said that they have other children with autism who visit frequently and love bouncing about.

The under 5’s sessions run 5 x a week –

Mon – 10-11am

Fri – 10-11am and 1:30-2:30pm

Sat – 9:30-10:30am

Sun – 9:30-10:30am

These sessions are £5 per child (adults free)

There are other sessions throughout the week however adults have to pay for these sessions too. Check out their website for more info – http://rof59.co.uk

Highly recommend for a fun trip out – (for children with and without additional needs!) We will definitely be back!

And for those following my phone situation (Toby took it for a swim in the bath yesterday…) the screen seems ok…but the buttons, camera and speaker are not working…so it’s booked in for a little trip to the Apple Shop…so for now I’m sharing Joel’s!