We’re away at the moment thanks to a great charity for funding a break for us all. We’re staying at Ream Hills Caravan Park which is just outside of Blackpool. It’s a small site and perfect for the boys and Toby is over the moon with his hot tub! I’ll write up about it later in the week.

Toby’s been up since just before 4am (which isn’t too bad for him) and I’m hoping the wifi distracts him for a bit longer as I think it’s a bit early to go for a dip just yet!

We stopped off in the lakes to break the journey up and to give us all the opportunity to stretch our legs. As we’ve got National Trust membership, we always look to see if there’s anywhere enroute to visit. Yesterday we stopped off at Sizergh Castle which is not far from Kendal and not far off the motorway either. National Trust properties and grounds are great for Toby as although they are popular, they don’t get too busy or noisey and there’s lots of open space, things to look at and lots of them have a great playground too.

Toby sat in his buggy and enjoyed looking around the grounds and gardens. Teddy climbed about and made friends with a cat (I’m assuming that it was a resident in the house or castle.) The rain held off too which was a blessing!

Although there was plenty of space for children to play and explore, I do think a playground would be really popular at Sizergh and would encourage more families to visit. Some of our favourite playgrounds are at National Trust sites and properties. They did however have a play trail advertised on the map so we decided to check that out. However after abandoning Toby’s pushchair in a field and getting covered in mud, we decided that the play trail wasn’t suitable for the boys (or me!) This was after climbing over fences and slipping down hilsides…a proper adventure Joel tells me..!  The grounds and gardens however were beautiful.

We returned to the car covered in mud and cleaned the boys down as well as we could before continuing our journey.
I’m really thankful to be away for a number of reasons, God knew we all needed a break! Toby really struggled towards the end of last week, he finds school holidays challenging as he really missed the structure and routine that going to school brings. We had a lot of meltdowns and one of our biggest challenges at the moment is keeping him safe when he’s distressed. He hits, nips and scratches himself whilst screaming and rolling about and his latest ‘trick’ is shoving his hands down his throat to try and make himself sick – poor little man.

Being on holiday distracts Toby and gives us the space to create new routines as in his head there’s no expectation on going to school (as you go from home!) Once he settles in, he’s much more chilled and can enjoy himself. And what’s not to enjoy, he’s got a private hot tub and a playground next door!