Well we’ve had a lovely little break at Ream Hills Caravan Park which is just outside of Blackpool. 

The boys loved chilling in the hot tub, climbing in the playground and a bit of exploring Blackpool too.

Finding a ‘Toby friendly’ holiday can be challenging. He loves being outdoors and also having a base to chill out in. We’ve found that caravan sites generally work for him but finding a suitable site can be difficult. I think we had four mini caravan breaks last year, some were more successful than others! The sites with the ‘best’ facilities tend to be too busy for Toby with lots people, noise and loud entertainment. However it’s sometimes hard to find a balance between somewhere entertaining enough to keep him happy but quiet enough not to stress him out too much and not too far away either – we are hard to please I know!

We came across Ream Hills whilst browsing online against our hard to meet criteria and found the site advertised on the Hoseasons website. Although it didn’t have a swimming pool on site (one of our usual criteria) we discovered we could have a lodge with a hot tub within our price range that included wifi too…perfect!

We didn’t actually realise how perfect it was until we arrived. The site only opened last summer and has seven lodges and pitches for caravans and tents in a separate area – oh and a helicopter that you can hire to stay in if you particularly wanted to!


Teddy and the helicopter

The site was lovely and quiet.  There was an adventure playground just next to our lodge and I think I only saw three or four other families enjoying it in the whole time we were there…and never when we were using it which was great for the boys.


Inside our Lodge…

The lodge itself was lovely and felt more homely than a caravan. We had a lovely welcome pack too with jams and biscuits which was a nice touch. Kitchen roll, washing up liquid, cloths etc (all the things that I usually forget) were included too…even though I actually remembered them this time!

There was a TV on the wall which stopped the boys messing around with it and although there wasn’t a DVD player, Joel found a way of connecting our portable DVD player up to it so that Ted could watch Toy Story which is the current favourite in our house. We had also brought our Google Cromecast which allows us to send programs off iplayer etc on our phones to the TV however the wifi wasn’t strong enough to do this. The wifi did however mostly work ok for us…Toby got his fix of the Thomas the Tank engine theme song in Korean which is another favourite in our house.

We had to make a few tweaks (which we have to most places!) We moved a few table lamps and bedside tables to stop the boys climbing on them and had to keep the bathroom doors locked too to stop Toby turning the taps on in the bath – I don’t want any more broken phones or iPads! We also had to keep the curtains open and tied back as Toby has a habit of wrapping himself up in them and has pulled curtain poles off the wall in the past doing so!

We stayed in the Seacroft lodge which had two bedrooms – you can check it out here and the other accommodation available too –  Ream Hills Accommodation

The hot tub was probably the biggest success and was very well used. Toby found the water very calming and swam about happily morning, noon and night.

The location was great too. We were 4 miles from Blackpool which has lots to see and do. Ream Hills felt as if it was in the countryside away from the busyness and the noise of Blackpool. We did however really enjoy visiting Stanley park and not forgetting our amazing and autism friendly visit to Sandcastle Waterpark in Blackpool.

All in all a lovely time away and I would recommend it to anyone but especially to those families like ours with children on the spectrum who sometimes find busy places challenging. We’re already talking about when we could go back! Check out there website for more details and pictures –Ream Hills Caravan Park