Well yesterday was eventful…thanks to Toby we have an iPad and my iPhone (yes the one I had replaced a couple of weeks back) sat in a large dish of rice in our kitchen. 

The iPad was my fault…I had been bathing Ted yesterday morning and he had suddenly climbed out of the bath and was running around naked and so my first thought was to run after him with a towel and a nappy (rather than emptying the bath water). I did catch up with the naked toddler, manage to dress him and get him downstairs so that I could pack an overnight bag for him as he was going to stay with my parents. Joel wasn’t feeling great and had gone back to bed for a quiet time and so I left Ted downstairs watching a DVD and took Toby in upstairs to ‘help’ me pack Ted’s overnight bag.

Toby was pottering around and watching video clips on his iPad. I started gathering Ted’s things and had just about finished when I heard a huge splash. Toby had jumped into the bath fully clothed with his iPad. For anyone who follows our lives you will know that this is definitely not the first time this has happened. We’ve lost 2 iPads and an iPhone too thanks to Toby taking them for a swim. You would think we would learn but when you’re exhausted and are struggling to think straight these things just happen. Toby then had a massive meltdown as we struggled to get him and his iPad out of the bath. He has no awareness of the consequences of his actions or that iPads and water do not mix. Joel ran the iPad downstairs to get it in some rice and I tried to get a hysterical child out of the water. Toby’s clothes and nappies seem to hold a lot of water and so trying to lift a nearly 5 year old who is kicking and screaming and who is also dripping wet out of a bath can be challenging. I laid him on the bathroom floor and tried to pull his soaking wet clothes off him and avoid being kicked in the face. He then went over to the toilet and put his hand in and tried to lick the water off his hand…this is the first time I’ve seen him do this. I guess it’s all further evidence for our tribunal on Tuesday of his ‘severe mental impairment’ and his ‘challenging behaviour’.

As we were now down to one iPad (yes he needs two as he doesn’t cope when the battery needs charging) I let him use my phone to watch some Thomas the Tank in Polish and Korean on youtube. It was probably around 9pm and we were in the living room proof reading Joel’s personal statement for his job application form which needed to be submitted by today. We live in a smallish new build house and have a living room with a toilet and hallway just off it. Toby often goes to sit in the hall or toilet as it’s quiet and darker. We can see him perfectly as he’s literally three meters away from us (yes it’s a small house!) He then decides to put my phone down to toilet and then comes running back in to me with a dripping wet phone. Not going to lie, I did cry. Having learnt from last time, we took the sim card out and put the phone in the rice too. Having only replaced my iPhone a few weeks back after he took it in the bath I wasn’t best pleased; Toby on the other hand didn’t have a clue. He’s dangerous but physically he’s as able as most other near 5 year olds however mentally he’s still a baby. Having a ‘baby’ that runs around, climbs on things and is pretty fast yet doesn’t respond to his name or instructions and has no awareness of danger is challenging.

On top of the drowned iPad and iPhone, Joel’s job application, Toby’s tribunal on Tuesday and two challenging kids, now the door on our washing machine (which is less than 2 years old) has jammed with a load of wet washing that I need for tomorrow inside. I did also have a dream this week in which I was driving a train full of people but there weren’t any tracks and there were loads of cars and obstacles coming towards me and I didn’t know how to stop the train…that says a lot about my stress levels!

Joel took one look at me this evening and told me that I looked awful (thanks darling!) He sent me upstairs for a break. It’s like being put on ‘time out’ however I quite enjoy it….

I just sat and coloured and listened to some music and chatted to God about everything. This is one of the songs that I listened to. Just Breathe – Jonny Diaz

Half an hour or so later I came back downstairs; my washing machine is still jammed, Toby is bouncing about and there’s a whole weekend’s worth of washing up stacked up by the sink and I won’t know for another 2 days if my phone or Toby’s iPad have survived yesterday’s adventures. However my  head is clearer and my outlook is more positive.

Let’s do this!