We’ve had a lovely long weekend up in Northumberland. It was all very last minute, we only booked on Tuesday after seeing a good last minute deal on a caravan and although the weather had been very mixed, we decided that we needed to get away for a bit.

Toby finds being off school challenging and is far better when he’s away and distracted. For him big changes (such as being on holiday) are more manageable than little changes (having a Monday off school) It’s a good kind of different. Joel hasn’t been feeling great recently too and he found the idea of a few nights away very appealing.

We stayed at Haggeston Castle which is just outside of Berwick. Although this is a popular and busy site (not our usual choice) it was a great base for visiting some of our favourite spots in Northumberland. We hired the caravan privately and decided not to purchase the entertainment passes as the soft play/swimming pool etc would be too busy for Toby on a bank holiday weekend and he wouldn’t be too impressed with noisey night time entertainment either! The security was tight and it did mean that we couldn’t even enter the main complex however that didn’t bother us as we spent most of our time offsite or chilling in the caravan.

One of our favourite things about Northumberland is the peace and quiet…I’m sure that’s why Toby is so chilled while we’re there. One of the quietest and most peaceful places is Holy Island. We were only 5 miles away so we visited twice!

The weather on Saturday was lush and we enjoyed exploring in the sunshine. Sunday afternoon was slightly more overcast but we still had fun. Ted loved the beach and was very excited to go paddling in the sea however our time on the beach was brief as Toby really isn’t a fan! He sat in his buggy with his iPad but had had enough after five minutes.

On Sunday morning we headed out early to one of our favourite spots – Cragside. Cragside is a great National Trust property with beautiful grounds and more importantly a fab adventure playground! We had nearly an hour of the whole playground to ourselves which the boys loved. They both played happily. It had rained during the night and I think that had put other people off but the boys were warm and dry in their puddle suits and wellies.

As the morning went on more families started to arrive and so we went for a walk around the lakes. It was mostly buggy friendly…however at a few points Joel and I ended up carrying the buggy (with Toby in it) and Teddy slept in the sling.

We’re now home and thanks to Dave have a fixed washing machine so we’re just gearing up for the rest of the week and catching up on some washing! Hope you have enjoyed the bank holiday weekend too!

Rach x