Well I haven’t blogged for a while…things have been pretty busy here but we are ok…honest! 

Since coming back from our Bank Holiday Break we’ve all been poorly with one thing or another. I had a nasty case of tonsillitis which lasted two weeks, Joel’s been feeling pretty exhausted and to top it off Toby was sent home from school with an upset tummy.

On the whole our ‘keeping him up as late as possible’ thing is working as putting him to bed around 11pm means that we all get a better block rather than him getting up at 3am each morning. We did however had a difficult night last week which involved me pushing him around the village in the dark until he fell asleep – he hadn’t been great all evening…the internet was being slow and be had kicked off a few times and had bitten me because he felt so distressed. Anyway he eventually fell asleep and we managed to transfer him in to bed without disturbing him.

Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 22.16.08

Maybe he was feeling unwell (hard to tell with a completely non-verbal child) as the next day we had a phone call from school asking for someone to pick him up as he had an upset tummy and as a result had to stay off for 48 hours….great!

He found the whole being off school thing challenging and kept looking out of the window and crying at the door for his taxi. The biggest challenge was getting him to keep his clothes and nappy on…he doesn’t particularly like wearing clothes – he stripped three times at school today! At home I tend to just put him in a onesie as trousers are too easy to get off and then get his nappy off too. I’ll spare you too many details but he’s in to ‘smearing’ at the moment and having a child with an upset tummy running around naked isn’t ideal. Many children with additional needs smear due to sensory issues; anyway, we had a few accidents but survived!

We also had a situation on Monday where he managed to escape….thankfully he was just outside of our front window playing on his iPad and then tried to get in a neighbour’s car when we tried to bring him back inside. We live in a small new build and we thought that he was the other side of our living room door but he had actually managed to get out of the front door – I assume that it wasn’t locked properly. We’re thankful that God kept him safe (and that we noticed straight away!) this story could have ended very differently as he has no awareness of danger and very rarely responds to his name. Anyway he’s safe and that’s the main thing!

Ted has been having a lot of input and support too from various services and we’re going to be starting using PECS (Picture Exchange Communication) with him too to try and help him to communicate better. He’s been more cooperative especially with the Portage service and joined in with structured activities which was encouraging to see.

I also had a fantastic weekend away with some ladies from Church in the Lakes and feel much better physically and emotionally from that. It was lovely to be ‘me’ for a bit and actually speak to some people and escape the poo smearing for a little while and to be encouraged – God knew I needed it after having Toby off for three days!

Anyway…10:45pm…nearly time to start his bedtime routine…good night!