I haven’t lost the blogging bug (honest) it’s just becoming more difficult to find time to write. Toby’s spending far more hours awake than asleep and when he sleeps I sleep. He’s also very obsessed with technology and if he sees my phone or computer he spends most of his time trying to take it off me which makes trying to write anything increasingly difficult.

Anyway I’ve escaped upstairs for a bit so we’ll see how far we get!

Half term has been interesting….and yes we managed without a holiday…I do feel as if I need one now though! We usually survive by escaping somewhere for a few days as a change of scenery does us all good and helps Toby adjust as he finds being home yet out of his school routine challenging.

We have kept him busy though, we’ve been for a visit to Wheelbirks Ice-cream farm (not that he eats ice cream!) checked out the new play area at Wharton Park, visited our lovely friends up at Take 5 and chat in Whitley Bay, bus journey into Durham, visited Wyndyard Woodland Park, had an appointment with the Dietican and bought a teepee!

Toby’s also been a bit under the weather. He woke up screaming at around 1am on Wednesday morning and despite only being asleep for two hours prior to this he was then up for the day. I find it really challenging when he’s ill as being completely non-verbal it’s always a guessing game as to what the problem is. He wouldn’t let us take his temperature but felt warm to touch so we did our usual  – prayer and paracetamol! As he doesn’t tolerate spoons we usually hide calpol in juice however he was refusing to drink (he knows when we’re trying to trick him!) In the end we both had to pin him down and use a syringe to get some calpol in to him – he wasn’t best pleased but at least his temperature came down.

I got him a doctors appointment for Thursday morning as because he doesn’t speak we can often miss things so it’s worth getting him checked out. He wasn’t very impressed and the doctor didn’t even bother to look in his ears or throat as it took three of us to pin him down long enough to take his temperature. The doctor said it was probably viral and just to keep an eye on him. He’s much better now and so back to school tomorrow!

So the teepee…the idea was to stop him from sitting in my washing machine (he feels secure in enclosed spaces) It has been pretty successful…however Toby comes out as soon as Teddy tries to get in too!

I think Toby’s highlight of the week was probably a little trip on the bus in to Durham! We had a vague idea that he liked buses (had seen him clap a few times when a bus had driven past) On Wednesday, Ted was at nursery, Joel had planning to do and I had a pair of dungarees to take back to H+M as they had left the security tag on, so Toby and I had a little trip out on the bus. He was in his element, clapping, flapping and giggling away to himself. This video was on the way back home – he climbed out of his buggy as he wanted to sit on the seat next to me. We might have to make it a little holiday tradition – having a little trip out on the bus!

So holidays are over and we survived! Hope everyone else has had a good week too. Toby’s asleep now too – our day did start at 2am this morning…night night!