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July 2016

Summer so far…

So we’re nearly at the end of week one and are surviving so far!  Continue reading “Summer so far…”

Our North East ASD friendly Summer Holiday Bucket List

So Toby has officially broken up [insert mixed emotions!] and is off for the next 46 days…yes I’ve counted! He’s also been up since 2am as he struggles with transitions and he knows it’s the end of term.  Continue reading “Our North East ASD friendly Summer Holiday Bucket List”

Alton Towers – days 2+3

Incase you missed it, we had a great weekend break at Alton Towers last weekend (for day 1 check out – Alton Towers – day 1  )

I’m pleased to report that Toby slept better on Saturday night however we’ve all been pretty tired this week.  Continue reading “Alton Towers – days 2+3”

Alton Towers – day 1 

As a general rule I usually wait until we are home to write up what we’re up to but considering I’ve been awake on and off since 1am we’ll start and see how far we get!  Continue reading “Alton Towers – day 1 “

Toby turns 5!

On this day 5 years ago our lives changed forever. Little did we know that we were about to begin one of the greatest (and most challenging) adventures of our lives. On this day 5 years ago our Toby was born.  Continue reading “Toby turns 5!”

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