On this day 5 years ago our lives changed forever. Little did we know that we were about to begin one of the greatest (and most challenging) adventures of our lives. On this day 5 years ago our Toby was born. 

His actual birth was pretty complex…he didn’t want to come out which resulted in an emergency c-section as he was two weeks overdue and all of the hospital’s other attempts to get him out were distressing him. I remember being in theatre – the hospital’s main theatre as the maternity theatre was closed that day(!) things had been complicated and pretty stressful and I couldn’t stop throwing up due to the drugs they had given me. Anyway I remember the midwife bringing this little bundle round to us wrapped up in a towel and seeing his little scrunched up face for the first time. He wasn’t actually that little…at 9 lb 8 oz and was sucking away on the towel (not much has changed as he still loves to chew blankets and towels now!) I guess I should have realised then after our complicated birth that this baby wasn’t going to do things the ‘normal’ way!

Fast forward to today and we’ve now got a 5 year old – how on earth did that happen?! He’s currently bouncing about, chewing his blanket and watching the Teletubbies waving goodbye in various languages on his iPad and has been since 4am. In many ways he physically looks like any other 5 year old but mentally and emotionally he’s much much younger…age is just a number right?!

Toby is completely non-verbal (which means he doesn’t speak at all) he’s still in nappies his behaviour can be pretty challenging at times, and he’s oblivious to the fact that today is his birthday. He doesn’t really ‘do’ birthdays…he’s not really interested in presents, he doesn’t like birthday cake and he doesn’t like things being too ‘different’ and a birthday party would probably be his worst nightmare!

I’ve been laid here wrapped up in a duvet trying to stop him taking his nappy off or climbing on things he shouldn’t and thinking about the past 5 years. It has been challenging but there have also been lots of good times and I’ve learnt a lot in the process. We’re incredibly blessed to have Toby in our lives and I have learnt so many lessons about life from his simple approach to the world. I believe in a God who made Toby and loves him as he is and we’re so privileged to be a part of his life.

We’re not really celebrating today…one thing Toby has taught us is that it’s ok to do things differently to everyone else so we’re off to CBeebies Land later in the week the as he loves rides and roller coasters! Looking forward to telling you all about it when we’re back!