So we’re nearly at the end of week one and are surviving so far! 

Toby found the transition into the holidays quite challenging. His routine changed and he was not very happy about it! His behaviour on the first night was so challenging that I had to ring Joel to come home early from a meeting as Toby was so distressed and was lashing out a lot. When he gets so worked up we usually just strap him into the buggy and take him for a walk which eventually calms him down, however that evening Ted was in bed and I couldn’t leave him home alone! The walk worked and he actually fell asleep in the buggy during his walk that night. His sleep hasn’t been great the rest of the time either with quite a few 2am get ups. This morning was 5am which I can live with but we’re just praying that he sleeps while we’re camping!

We had a great few days at Butlins thanks to the Family Fund who provide a grant each year to benefit the families of disabled and terminally ill children. We’ve had a pushchair off them in the past (when I had Ted and needed a double) but we usually just apply for a short break which really does benefit our whole family. The originally plan was to have a weekend away at Butlins in August as we already had two booked in for July(!) however the prices for were a lot more expensive and so we decided to go for the first weekend of the holidays.

We had taken Toby to Butlins before but it was before we had Teddy. I always remember Toby as a toddler sitting in the restaurant and refusing to eat anything and eventually working out that on the previous two evenings he had eaten a bread bun and then his meal (probably to allow his meal time to cool down as he doesn’t do hot food) Once we had given him the bread bun he ate that and then two other plates of food too…routine matters!

Toby loved the swimming pool, slides and lazy river. He also enjoyed some of the fairground rides too however he found queuing of these hard as he doesn’t have any understanding of waiting his turn. Usually one of us would stand in the queue and the other would push him around in his buggy until it was his turn to get on. We stayed in an apartment and it was good for Toby to have somewhere to go back to when it all became a bit busy and overwhelming.

Teddy was very excited to be at Butlins!

One of the challenges we have at the moment is trying to meet the needs of both of our boys (who are like chalk and cheese!) My parents and youngest brother and sister booked and came along too so it was great to have some help with the boys. The weather was great and Teddy loved spending time on the beach however Toby isn’t really a fan so we took turns to stay in with him allowing Ted to do something that he doesn’t often get chance to do.

Enjoying the beach!

We had the premium dinning package too which gave us lots of choice for breakfast and dinner. Toby spent most of his time either sitting under the table or climbing about with his iPad and wireless headphones on (it was pretty loud). The premium dinning has loads of choice so there was always something that he would eat.

We left on Monday and after doing our usual and checking our National Trust app for a good playground we discovered Belton House. With a massive outdoor play ground, miniature train ride and indoor play too we decided it would be a great place for a picnic and nappy change and we met Joel’s parents there too. If you are ever in the area and have National Trust membership I would highly recommend checking it out. However by the time we got there it was pretty busy as it was a lovely day. Teddy enjoyed his train ride and Toby enjoyed climbing about for a bit however in some parts of the playground it was difficult to supervise him (fine if you have a child who can play independently for a short time) I was so busy trying to keep my eye on him all the time that I didn’t even really take any pictures. For example he will just come down a slide and then run off and because he has no awareness of danger and doesn’t often respond to his name so being in place like this can be challenging. Have a google though as it’s fab!

One of the very few photos I took…this is the three storey treehouse which was very hard to supervise him in…he had fun though!

Anyway we’re had couple of days at home to catch up on washing and Toby’s had a lovely time with his respite carers and we’re just getting sorted for another adventure…camping! We go to our Church family camp every year and it always amazes me how much ‘stuff’ we need. Here are some of my thoughts (from before we went) last year Church Camps and SEN…my survival guide! and here’s what actually happened…. Camping…lessons learnt! See you on the other side…!