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August 2016

Isaac and his amazing Asperger Superpowers!

Whilst browsing the bookshop in Seven Stories today something caught my eye. I’m not sure if it was because I’ve got a brother called Isaac or maybe because things about Autism just seem to gravitate towards me but I knew straight away that we would be purchasing Isaac and his amazing Asperger Superpowers!

The bright and colourful book looks at life from Isaac’s perspective. It cleverly balances the some of the positives and some of the challenges of having Asperger’s Syndrome which is a type of Autism.  Continue reading “Isaac and his amazing Asperger Superpowers!”

My Max Card

Just another super quick update to let you know that Toby’s been given a Max Card!

Max Card offers fantastic discounts on activities and days out for children with additional needs or who are in foster care right across the country. The sad thing is that because these are funded through the local authority some areas (including ours!) don’t actually provide them.  Continue reading “My Max Card”

Visiting our consultant…

So we had an appointment for the boys this morning with their consultant. We always try to get hospital appointments during school holidays so as not to disrupt Toby’s routine and because realistically I can’t manage both boys at an appointment without Joel!  Continue reading “Visiting our consultant…”

Shiremoor Adventure Playground

So we’re on week 4 of the holidays now , sorry for the lack of updates…holidays are a pretty busy time for us and I just haven’t had the time or mental capacity to actually write anything! Yesterday we decided to try a bit of Vlogging….you can watch our first video here… Continue reading “Shiremoor Adventure Playground”

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