So we had an appointment for the boys this morning with their consultant. We always try to get hospital appointments during school holidays so as not to disrupt Toby’s routine and because realistically I can’t manage both boys at an appointment without Joel! 

This was just a routine appointment, we have them every six months. I also get appointments for both of the boys together so today we took up two appointment slots as other wise I don’t think I would ever be away from hospitals!

We went in and both boys actually cooperated and got measured and weighed without too much trouble (first time for everything!)

We started with Toby and went through the usual, diet, health, sleep, medication, behaviour etc. We’ve also been re-referred to Ocupational Therapy to look at full length safety doors and gates for the house as I mentioned some of our challenges eg climbing out of windows, putting things down the toilet, chewing cables, climbing on top of units etc. So anything that would help us contain him in one room and keep him safe would be helpful!

We then moved on to talking about Teddy. Toby wasn’t particularly happy to be in the hospital and was pretty stressed. He spent most of the time trying to turn the taps on in the sink or climbing on and off the examination tables or trying to get out of the room. He then came over and cuddled in to me like a baby. The next thing I knew he bit my arm and managed to take a pretty big chunk of skin out and draw blood…this was through my cardigan too…I guess it just shows how stressed he was.

We carried on talking about Teddy and tried to calm Toby down. It must be so frustrating being non-verbal, especially in situations that you find stressful!

We have actually seen such an improvement in Teddy recently, his language is delevoping, his concentration is increasing and his behaviour has definitely improved. He has had lots of problems with his hearing and speech and language and in the past month after using drops to clear a large build up of wax around his grommets his hearing has really improved. Martin Dunkley who visited our Church recently also encouraged us to be in faith for upgrades in challenging areas of our lives and we really feel as if we have seen a lot of positive change recently with Teddy.

Our consultant agreed too. She mentioned something called the Broad Autism Phenotype (which I had never heard of before) and said basically sometimes close family members can have certain behaviours or traits without actually being diagnosed with autism themselves. I found it quite interesting as it does seen to fit with some other families that I know too.

You can read more about it here –
Anyway we survived the rest of the appointment and dispite Toby trying to run off into the carpark whilst I was trying to book their next appointment and Joel was paying for the parking ticket we got home in one piece. Toby’s been pretty on edge for the rest of the day and Joel’s just taken him for a walk in his buggy to try calm him down. Not the most exciting blog post ever but just a snapshot of our everyday! Anyway I should be packing as we’re off to Center Parcs for a long weekend – yippee!