Just another super quick update to let you know that Toby’s been given a Max Card!

Max Card offers fantastic discounts on activities and days out for children with additional needs or who are in foster care right across the country. The sad thing is that because these are funded through the local authority some areas (including ours!) don’t actually provide them. 

I first heard of Max Card a couple of years ago and enquired with Durham County Council about getting one. I was told that they didn’t provide them despite Newcastle, Stockton, Sunderland, Darlington, Gateshead, Northumberland, North and South Tyneside,  Hartlepool and Redcar and Cleveland (all our neighbouring counties in the North East) providing them for children who have additional needs.

So when as a blogger I was offered the opportunity to receive a card in exchange for sharing some of our adventures I jumped at the chance. Going out and about with children with additional needs can be challenging and expensive. I’m often put off going to places that charge an entrance fee as Toby’s behaviour can be pretty unpredictable and sometimes we have to leave within an hour of arriving somewhere if he’s not coping. I do however strongly believe that children with additional needs should have opportunities to enjoy being out and about and having adventures just as much as anyone else. So we’ll be certainly putting our card to good use. There’s a really handy map on the Max Card website with lots of information about where to visit and the discounts available. http://www.mymaxcard.co.uk/browse

And for my Durham friends (and anyone else in an area that doesn’t provide Max cards…) My Max Card suggests contacting your local authority if they don’t provide the card. I’m really hoping that lots of families in our area do that to show how much of a demand there is.

I think first on our list will be either Seven Stories in Newcastle or Anwick Gardens (depending on the weather!) Max Card also give a 52% discount at Merlin attractions so I may need to start planning another trip for next year to one of Toby’s favourite places…CBeebies Land at Alton Towers! Exciting stuff!
For more information on Max Card check out – http://www.mymaxcard.co.uk