So we decided to cheer Toby up with an adventure day. He’s found the transition from holidays to school quite challenging and he’s been quite distressed this week. 

If you missed it you can catch up with his A rocky start…

Today we spent the day at Lightwater Valley – it was lovely to spend some quality time with just Toby as Teddy is spending the weekend at Nana and Grandad’s. It was all a bit last minute….we were getting in the car yesterday and I said to Ted, “Teddy, we’re going shopping…” and he replied, “no I go Nana’s!” So he went! Joel and I were discussing last night what we could do today with just Toby to cheer him up as he’s been really upset. I was thinking maybe park/swimming etc and Joel’s suggestion was Alton Towers…he was half joking…! I managed to persuade him that Lightwater Valley was a bit more of a sensible option as it’s an hour away rather than nearly 4!

We also got a great discount with our Max Card and Toby gets a carer in free too.

It turns out that today was a perfect day to go as it was unbelievably quiet. I guess for most people holidays are over and everyone is back in to the swing of termtime. And although Toby had a wristband that enabled him to jump the queues we didn’t actually need to use it.

To get a queue jumping wristband you need either a blue badge or a letter from a GP stating why that person cannot queue. We had both, however guest services didn’t even look at them as the receptionist said she could tell by looking at him that he would find queuing challenging…he was climbing out of the buggy and trying to hide under my top at the time…

Toby loved the water rides – the slides and river rapids. We even managed to go round the river rapids a few consecutive times as there was no one else waiting to go on – we did get very wet! Here’s Toby and Joel on the water slides –

However his favourite was the Ladybird rollercoaster – I completely lost track of how many time he went on. He loved it so much that when the ride finished and the safety barriers went up, he would pull them back down because he didn’t want to get off! Here’s a video of him on the rollercoaster for anyone who hasn’t already seen it –

It was lovely for him to be able to enjoy the rides and playgrounds without it being too busy as it has been for us in the past. Toby even managed soft play as there were only three other children in – usually its a big no no at a busy tourist attraction. He did however mange to take his nappy off at the pop of the play equipment and was running round half naked so poor Joel had to climb up and sort him out!

All in all a lovely Toby friendly day out.

PS – if you are local Lightwater Valley are doing post code weekends for reduced rates if you have a certain postcode – check out – Postcode Weekend offer