Well it seems forever ago since I actually blogged about anything. That’s not entirely true as I have started writing a few things but never actually got round to finishing/spell checking/publishing them! One of my aims this week is to finally tell you what we got up to over Christmas and share about Teddy’s birthday (which was at the beginning of December…ooops!!) 

I’ve had lots of messages from people who have been concerned about us because I’ve been so quiet so sorry about that. In all honestly we’ve just had a lot going on in our lives and I just haven’t had the time, energy or head space to communicate things.

Back in December we actually made a big decision and are actually in the process of moving house…! Sorry to anyone expecting our ‘exciting news’ to be a baby or something…that’s not going to happen!

We’ve been exploring lots of options for the past two years or so about how life works for us all as an additional needs family and have pushed lots of doors. We have explored lots of different job opportunities for both Joel and myself, pushed to get respite care from social services to give ourselves a break and Joel now only works 4 days a week to give us a better work life balance (in theory!) We still felt that something needed to change. As Christians we have also been praying about the future of our family and felt it was time to move on.

Where we live at the moment we have some amazing friends, have been part of a great Church family and Toby has been attending a really good special school which we will be sad to leave behind. However thinking long term we need to be in a place that works for us all. Obviously a big move is challenging for anyone and even more so for children who really struggle with change so this is not a decision we have taken lightly. However we do feel that now is the right time to move on and that the longer we put it off the more difficult it will be for Toby to adjust.

So we are looking at moving to a town called Hexham in west Northumberland. There is a large adult additional needs community and this is mainly as a result of good special needs provision and schools. Many people move to the area to attend schools and colleges and then end up settling and staying there and because of this there is good provision for both children and adults with disabilities. We have found a school for Toby which goes all the way up to age 19 where as his currently school is only primary. We are also looking at moving within walking distance of this school as he currently travels 35minutes each way to school in a taxi and I am looking forward to taking and picking him up each day.

We also have friends in a great Church who have a great heart for people with additional needs and run social groups for adults and we’re excited about being a part of that. We feel this is where God is leading us on to and it’s a really good fit for us as a family.

As well we love being outdoors and spend lots of time up in Northumberland anyway and so it really suits our lifestyle and is still commutable to Joel’s current workplace.

So as you can imagine all my ‘spare time’ and headspace has been taken with moving related things and rather than blogging I’ve found my self browsing hundreds of houses online…! Finding a suitable house or a house that is potentially workable for Toby is pretty complicated. We do believe though that God has the right one for us at the right price too! Joel keeps telling me that I have expensive taste as all of the houses that I keep showing him are out of our price range…!

Our house is going on the market today…eeeek and we are selling it with a company who specialise in selling to landlords and investors as it’s a decent sized new build at a good price which would be perfect for someone to buy and then rent out as rental properties in our area are really popular. We would have rented it out ourselves but we brought it on the government’s Help to Buy scheme and one of the T&C’s is that we can’t let it out. So if anyone fancies buying it let me know!

In other news Teddy started school nursery after Christmas and is doing really well there. Whilst all the other children were clinging to their Mummy’s and crying on the first day he bounced straight in as he wanted to play with the trains and brush his teeth (they have a tooth brushing scheme!) However on the first day he managed to fall off the bike outside and ended up in A&E with a deep cut to his lip. He then missed his second day of nursery as he had an appointment to see the plastics team as they were concerned that he would need stitching. Thankfully after a long wait with a child who had been nill by month (incase he needed to go down to theatre) they decided to not stitch and it’s healing well.

All ready for his first day!

However our hospital visits didn’t end there…the same week we ended up back in A&E but this time with Toby. He managed to drink some washing detergent….this is the kid who ONLY drinks squash and won’t drink milk, fruit juice, water etc but for some reason decided to try some washing detergent! He had spat it out all over his clothes but as he doesn’t speak we had no idea if he was in any pain or felt unwell and so spent another afternoon in A&E. The doctor could not see any red blotches in his mouth and said that he should be ok but to bring him straight back if there was any change – anyway he’s survived!

Toby in A&E

So as you can see things here are as busy as ever and that’s before we even think about packing…! Trying to keep the house tidy for various viewings and valuations has been interesting especially as Toby specialises in climbing on worksurfaces and throwing things off the top units. Anyway that’s where we’re up to at the moment – lots going on but I always said that I didn’t want a boring life…!