Toby is a fun loving four year old with a diagnosis of Autism. Screen Shot 2015-07-08 at 12.35.47He’s non-verbal and attends a Special School. He loves being outdoors and climbing – especially his climbing frame in the garden. He finds social situations difficult and struggles without routine. School holidays are particularly a challenge! He loves his blanket (to cuddle and chew) his iPad and rollercoasters!

We love Toby to bits and even though sometimes his behaviour is extremely challenging we wouldn’t change him for the world! We believe God has a special plan for Toby and we’re privileged to be his parents.

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This was summer 2013 –

about Toby – Toby is a gorgeous 2 year old boy. He loves running about, climbing and going on adventures. Toby is currently in the process of being assessed for a diagnosed of Autism. He doesn’t speak and finds social situations and changes in routine difficult to cope with. He loves his iPad and is very good at using it! Toby also loves the Octonauts, Monsters Inc and Chuggington. Toby is going to become a big brother in January which is very exciting! We love Toby to bits and are very privileged to be on this adventure with him.