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loving a special little boy with ASD through the ups and downs of life

(trying) to find calm in the chaos

Well yesterday was eventful…thanks to Toby we have an iPad and my iPhone (yes the one I had replaced a couple of weeks back) sat in a large dish of rice in our kitchen.  Continue reading “(trying) to find calm in the chaos”

Tantrums and Tribunals 

So we’ve been a bit quiet over the past week or so. Things have been a bit busy here with various people being ill and just the general busyness of life.  Continue reading “Tantrums and Tribunals “

Autism Friendly Holiday at Ream Hills Caravan Park

Well we’ve had a lovely little break at Ream Hills Caravan Park which is just outside of Blackpool.  Continue reading “Autism Friendly Holiday at Ream Hills Caravan Park”

Sandcastle Waterpark

Well we had an absolutely fantastic time at Sandcastle Waterpark this morning. Continue reading “Sandcastle Waterpark”

Visit to Sizergh Castle  

We’re away at the moment thanks to a great charity for funding a break for us all. Continue reading “Visit to Sizergh Castle  “

Easter Holidays…so far!

So after a very expensive trip to the Apple Store today…I have a working phone thanks to a brand new replacement handset…thanks Toby!  Continue reading “Easter Holidays…so far!”

Our amazing visit to ROF 59!

Well we had fun this morning! We joined in with the Little Angels (under 5’s) bounce session at ROF 59 at Aycliffe Business Park.  Continue reading “Our amazing visit to ROF 59!”

Eating out…

We received some great news last night. Continue reading “Eating out…”

Some thoughts on The A word..

So I’m totally behind on everything this week… Continue reading “Some thoughts on The A word..”

The anxiety of additional needs parenting…

I would say that I’m a pretty confident and out going person. I try not to over think things and don’t tend to worry much either…or so I thought! Continue reading “The anxiety of additional needs parenting…”

Toby gets a haircut! 

Having autism can make the everyday things that most of us take for granted challenging. For Toby, a hair cut is one of them.  Continue reading “Toby gets a haircut! “

Autism and self harm…

This isn’t a topic that I particularly wanted to write about and trust me it’s really not a nice one to experience either!  Continue reading “Autism and self harm…”


Hello, sorry that I’ve been quiet for a few days…things have been anything but quiet here!  Continue reading “Midweek-mini-update…”

Additional Needs Befriending – 

Joel and I are currently driving back from a fantastic weekend away with the Care for the Family additional needs befriending team.  Continue reading “Additional Needs Befriending – “

Toby and the three-way tooth brush

I’ve had this post saved as a draft since October (must have started and got distracted…!) However recently I’ve been chatting to a few people about these so I thought I would share here too.  Continue reading “Toby and the three-way tooth brush”

Chicken pox diaries

So we’re currently on day #4 of the dreaded pox…and so far we’re managing ok!  Continue reading “Chicken pox diaries”

Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day to all the fantastic Mummy’s out there.  Continue reading “Happy Mother’s Day”

The good news…and the bad news…

Well another eventful day in our lives… Continue reading “The good news…and the bad news…”

World Book Day

World Book Day seems to have become a much anticipated event in the calendar year. I remember getting a £1 book day voucher when I was at school (back in the day…) but don’t ever remember dressing up or having any special events or competitions. Even the shops seemed to have jumped on the bandwagon selling book character costumes that children will probably only wear for one day. Continue reading “World Book Day”

Meningitis scare, another hospital trip and ITP…

Well as most people will have heard we had another hospital trip on Friday… Continue reading “Meningitis scare, another hospital trip and ITP…”

Thank you Newlife

Just a quick thank you and shout out to Newlife Foundation for disabled children who have funded a specialist car seat for Toby. Continue reading “Thank you Newlife”

Back to school update…

So I’ve been a bit quiet on the whole blogging thing for nearly a week now, however things have been anything but quiet here! Continue reading “Back to school update…”

Our trip to the zoo! 

Well we’ve had a great trip to Yorkshire Wildlife Park today. Continue reading “Our trip to the zoo! “


So we’re not massively fussed on the whole Valentine’s Day thing… Continue reading “Valentines…”

Special underwear and pj’s…

Just a quick thank you and well done to M&S for creating poppered vests and all in one pyjamas for children with additional needs which go up to aged 8.  Continue reading “Special underwear and pj’s…”

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